Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Innovative transportation finance: speeding permits in Nevada

Like many states, Nevada is having lots of trouble with the state budget. Gino DiSimone, nonpartisan candidate for Governor, knows just how to fills the coffers. His idea is to sell speeding permits which he says will generate $1 billion annually. That's a lot of fast cash!
From the AP story:
Here's how he says it would work:

Any vehicles enrolled would have to pass an annual safety inspection. That, DiSimone said, would not only help local auto shops, but ensure speeders aren't zooming down the highway in unsafe cars.

"At the time of inspection, the license plate and VIN number get uploaded into a database," he said.

The cost? About $40, with $12 going to the state. For another $8, drivers then would purchase transponders — to be made in Nevada — and installed on their dash.

Next, set up an online account.

Then, "If you're driving along and say, 'I have to get going, I'm in a hurry,' all you do is dial into your account by cell phone," DiSimone said.

For $25, charged to a credit card, you're now allowed to speed, up to 90 mph in preapproved areas, for 24 hours.

"You'll get a confirmation number," he said. "A satellite burst will start your transponder."

Officers who nab you with a speed gun will get the information from your transponder that you've paid ahead and are free to speed, he said.


Charles Marohn said...

This has to be a hoax of some kind. There is no way this is actually being proposed, even in a state as FUBAR as Arizona.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure it's not a hoax, but neither is it realistic. The candidacy is a longshot, so the proposal is doing the trick to generate buzz.

Brendon Slotterback said...

Disregarding the safety issues for a second, you can still get pulled over plus you have to make a call while driving to "activate" the system? Seems like more thinking needs to happen here.