Thursday, September 23, 2010

Electric Superbus Revisited

The Netherlands government has invested in the future of public transportation, and they see buses in their future. I've posted on the Superbus before, but now there is the above movie to get everyone excited. The Telegraph has details:

As long as a conventional bus, but no taller than a four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle, the Superbus is capable of carrying 23 passengers.

Billed as a "future vision of sustainable public transport", at first sight it resembles a futuristic stretch-limo.

It will run on dedicated lanes built in residential areas, before crossing a barrier and joining the rest of the traffic as it approaches the city centre.

Built from lightweight carbon, it will be powered by four electric motors. The driver will be helped by radar to prevent collisions.

It has been tested at Lelystad in the Netherlands, but has only reached a top speed of 50mph.

The Dutch Government has invested £7.5 million of the £8,4 million earmarked for the scheme to date and it is anticipated that the Superbus will first enter service in the Netherlands.

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