Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taxi Links

In New York City a federal appeals court ruled that the Taxi and Limousine Commission is not in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act even though only 231 of over 13,000 medallions are required to be wheelchair accessible. Here is a DNAinfo.com story about last week's ruling. Here is a story about the legal options disability rights advocates are considering. One potential benefit of more taxis being fully accessible is that taxis can then be used to offer rides now served by contracted paratransit. Access-A-Ride services cost way too much (about $60 per ride) and need to be fixed. Chicago has been expanding their accessible taxi fleet through a Taxi Access Program. See details here and this story that notes the number of accessible taxis in the city increased from 92 to 139 due to Mayor Emanuel's work.

Also in Chicago, the taxi drivers had a brief strike yesterday over lease rates and fares. And a new law allows drivers to charge passengers who vomit in the cab $50.

This story from the New York Post about the Master Cabbie Taxi Academy notes that New Yorkers don't really know their way around the city.  Part of the gap in knowledge may be related to the cognitive maps that people develop are related to their modes of travel.

In Sydney, Australia Allan Fels' work has prompted interest in improving taxi services. Here is an op-ed about some poor service issues.

Uber, the unlicensed for-hire taxi service, is opening up a lower cost service. See here and here. I'm not certain if Uber will break the existing regulatory structure for taxi licenses or ultimately succumb to it.

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