Monday, July 30, 2012

Call for Papers: Spatial and Land Use Implications of Taxis, Jitneys, Paratransit and Flexible Transportation

The Journal of Transportation and Land Use (JTLU) has issued a Call for Papers on the Spatial and Land Use Implications of Taxis, Jitneys, Paratransit and Flexible Transportation. I will be serving as volume editor for the issue and encourage those doing research in these areas to submit a paper. JTLU is an open access, peer reviewed journal.
Here is the link, and here is more information:

Call for Papers: Call for Papers: Spatial and Land Use Implications of Taxis, Jitneys, Paratransit and Flexible Transportation

JTLU Call for Papers: Spatial and Land Use Implications of Taxis, Jitneys, Paratransit and Flexible Transportation
Volume Editor: David King ( dk2475 AT ; Columbia University)

The Journal of Transportation and Land Use seeks original research papers that explore issues associated with taxi service, jitneys and other flexible or informal transit systems in cities throughout the world. Ideal papers for this special issue will explore how these transport services influence existing transport networks and urban form, affect travel behavior or negotiate contested urban spaces.
Taxicabs, jitneys, low-cost bus services and other paratransit services represent unique, flexible transit services in cities throughout the world, and recent scholarship has explored regulatory, economic and labor characteristics of these services. Areas that have received less attention include how these services influence travel behavior, complement or compete with conventional transit, and the role of land uses for service provision. GPS and consumer data also provides new opportunities for spatial analysis of driver and passenger trip characteristics at a level of detail previously impossible.

Researchers working in any area of taxicabs, jitneys, flexible or informal transit, both intracity and intercity, are encouraged to consider submitting a paper.

Specific Areas of Interest Include:
• Competition among for-hire vehicles at the curb, including taxis, jitneys, intercity buses and jitneys
• The effect for-hire vehicles have on demand for parking
• Paratransit operations and opportunities
• For-hire vehicles as feeder systems for fixed route transit
• Locational issues with taxi garages, dispatch sites and other facilities
• Land use considerations with for-hire services (stadia, airports, theater districts, etc.)
• Spatial dispersion of taxi, jitney and other services
• Models and simulation of taxi, jitney and other services
• Case studies of novel policies involving for-hire vehicle services, such as use of taxis as paratransit
• Travel behavior and mode choice research
• Social equity issues with regard to service areas
• Urban design characteristics of for-hire vehicle services
• GPS and consumer data used for planning and regulatory purposes
• Spatial analysis of taxicab, jitney or flexible transit services


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