Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More on the Beijing traffic jam: it's over already

I was going to check back in September about the traffic jam that was supposed to last weeks, but it only lasted 11 days. For reasons no one knows, the trucks are moving again. From Wired:
...AFP and MSNBC are reporting the traffic jam has evaporated, just like that. Traffic remains heavy — as many as 17,000 big-rigs use the road through Beijing each day — but it is moving.

To find out how this happened, let's hear from a local traffic expert:
“The situation has gotten much better recently. I don’t know why,” a gas station attendant in Huailai county, roughly halfway from the capital to Xinghe county in Inner Mongolia, told AFP. The news service had reporters drive 260 kilometers (about 162 miles) along the road on Wednesday; they found nothing out of the ordinary. Adrienne Mong of MSNBC made the same discovery.

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