Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 worst traffic jams in history

In celebration of the now ten-day-old traffic jam outside of Beijing, Jalopnik has assembled a list of the ten worst traffic jams in history. Click through to see them all, but the winner is:
1.) Evening Rush Hour, Daily: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Suggested By: Syrax

Why It Was Horrible: Every night during evening rush hour, Sao Paulo experiences some of the worst traffic snarls in the world. In good weather, on an average night, a motorist can expect to be stuck in 50 miles of back-ups. Double that if it's raining, and if there's an accident or a public transit strike, forget about it. And don't even think about hitting the roads if it's a holiday weekend. To date, their longest backup was 182 miles on May 9, 2008, because a logging truck tipped over. All in all, Sao Paulo sounds like a very bad place to be behind the wheel.

An average of 50 miles of backed up traffic a day. Yikes!

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