Thursday, May 5, 2011

More on Traffic and Information

As a bit of follow-up to this post, MIT has developed a new navigation system for autos that projects a 3D image of the surrounding environment as well as information about local businesses and other activities, plus it learns about the driver over time. From the Popular Science post about AIDA 2.0:
Like its predecessor, AIDA 2.0 also learns your route and destination preferences and habits. So along with route and destination data, it also essentially tries to determine your goals and objectives for a given trip and optimizes the display to help you execute those plans. All that is augmented by real time road conditions, weather, traffic conditions, etc., all laid out prominently in front of the driver (the display even overlays onto the rearview mirrors). How could one become distracted?

The video above shows how it works.

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Michael said...

This is actually kind of horrifying. How are you supposed to watch for cyclists and pedestrians when you're being hit with that?