Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Michelangelo opposes high speed rail

OK, I have no idea if Michelangelo opposes high speed rail. He's dead, and he may never have considered that his statue of David would still be around in 2011, yet alone threatened by HSR. But threatened it is. Apparently David has weak ankles. Florence, independent of David, has reservations anyway:
Florence is divided over plans to construct a four-mile-long train tunnel and a six-level underground train station as part of a project to improve the Tuscan city’s rail links with Rome and Milan.

Though I don't agree with this argument against HSR:
Vittorio Sgarbi, a prominent Italian art critic, called for the train tunnel project to be shelved entirely. “Our heritage should come before everything else. The excavation work should not go ahead,” he said.

There are many more places to put David than there are to put trains that connect to the station.

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