Monday, January 31, 2011

Listening to the NYC subway

(via Gizmodo)

Conductor: from Alexander Chen on Vimeo. Google Engineer Turns Subway Lines Into Musical Instruments

Alexander Chen used HTML5 and Massimo Vignelli's famous subway map to turn NYC's mass transit system into a playable musical instrument.

Manhattan denizens sometimes describe the sounds of the subway as the city's incidental music. Now programmer/designer Alexander Chen has created a more soothing version with, an interactive NYC subway map-turned-musical-instrument that uses transit lines as its strings.

Click here to listen to the subway yourself.


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aaronblake said...

That's a great Audio! I do like traveling in the subway but only when its not overcrowded. I prefer using a New York bus company to commute as it only allows a certain number of people so you don't have someone standing over you while you travel.