Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you do when you're driving? Er, besides driving, I mean.

Jabra, a handset maker, has released results from a survey of drivers that asked what they are doing while driving. There are apparently differences by countries, such as the French like to yell at people.

Here are some highlights (via Motor Trend):
Other findings from the survey, which has a 2.1 percent margin of error:
• 29 percent of respondents admitted to having kissed others while driving, whereas a smaller, but surprising number (15%) said they have performed sex or other sexual acts while driving
• 28 percent confirmed they have sent text messages while driving
• 13 percent reported they have applied makeup while driving
• 12 percent admitted to having written or read emails while driving
• 10 percent reported reading newspapers or magazines while driving
• 5 percent confessed to having played video games, and another 5 percent say that they have shaved while behind the wheel. Jabra says: "Look out for troubles, not for stubbles."

We're not so sure how much we trust an online survey conducted over four days in April, but the question is valid today more than ever: How often are you distracted while you drive? Would you admit to doing any of the activities above while driving? What are your worst driving habits?

***I included the last paragraph explaining their skepticism because this is not a particularly robust survey. So let's see how Fox News explained it:
According to a scientific survey commissioned by hands-free headset maker Jabra, while 28 percent of respondents in six countries including the United States say that they’ve texted behind the wheel, 72 percent eat or drink regularly, and 35 percent admit to getting dressed or undressed. Although no connection is made, that last point may be related to the fact that 29 percent have kissed while driving and more than half that, fully 15 percent, have engaged in sexual intercourse or another sexual act. Freshening up by styling hair or applying makeup is done by 23 percent and 13 percent of those surveyed.

Nope, not scientific. No mention of the MOE. Not fair, not balanced. Just dumb.

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