Monday, April 21, 2008

Give the people what they want

So Oklahoma City is apparently known for more than football, graciously hosting the displaced New Orleans Hornets and not so graciously getting the Seattle Supersonics. They have a river! The river was rebuilt after decades of Army Corp directed dryness. Not so amazingly, it's a popular place for people to go. More interestingly is that OKC is now a hot bed of collegiate rowing.

City planners never would have guessed that rowing would be the big draw, and everyone would have laughed off anyone who suggested that OKC should even focus on rowing. I'm glad that the city was able to let people figure out how to use their new amenity on their own. No doubt the investment is far better because the use of the river was not determined before it was fixed. Hopefully if the LA River is ever redeveloped the city leaders will follow this example and let Angelenos how to use it.

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