Friday, March 7, 2008

Road rage is bad. Cell phones while driving are bad. Lying about road rage because you were using your cell phone while driving is worse.

Recently, there was an incident in the Twin Cities where a woman claimed that she was hauled from her car, had her phone smashed and then she was thrown into oncoming traffic on a freeway, all because she irritated some guy. She spent some time in the hospital and the whole story sounded awful. It was suspicious, but she repeated her claims to the cops and the paper. Now, it turns out she was lying. The real story is she was on her cell phone and made a u-turn into traffic that caused the other driver to swerve off of the road to avoid hitting her. The two then pulled over, the guy who swerved yelled at her, then she followed him back to his car and acted like an ass. Eventually the guy could leave, and he did, and the woman's cell phone was broken somehow.
She may have been medicated when she was driving, which is bad, but she was definitely on her cell phone when she made a u-turn into oncoming traffic on a divided four-lane freeway. She's lucky no one was killed. She should be put in jail.
As for the future, she should have her cell phone privileges taken away by the state. Cell phones are not a constitutionally protected right, and neither is driving. Use both responsibly or don't use them at all.

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